Load testing Seam-Booking with JMeter

There are some interesting  blog posts on how to do load tests of seam applications with JMeter. Since a few days, I had to train a customer in doing load tests. We had a pilot project, that already had a testable application with its own JMeter tests scripts, however, because of lack of time, the application was not ready, and I had to fallback on another solution.

My favorite demo application is Seam Booking application which is a “bogus” Hotel Reservation Web Application developed with Seam (using JSF, Seam and Hibernate). The application is pretty and nice to use. It uses Ajax and just like all JSF applications it rely on javax.faces.viewState’s that are exchanged along pages. Because it uses Seam, there is also a “Conversation ID” that is hold from pages to others.

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Créer un formulaire simple avec Spring et SimpleFormController

Ce billet décrit l’utilisation d’un SimpleFormController pour la création d’un formulaire simple avec Spring. Je vous conseille d’utiliser SimpleFormController lorsque vous devez créer un formulaire permettant de peupler un objet composé de propriétés simples (boolean, int, String, etc…) . Dans le cas où vous voudriez écrire une applicaiton permettant de peupler des objets un peu plus complexe, je AbstractWizardFormController qui fera l’objet d’un prochain billet.