After almost a year working with a custom domain on, the world leader platform for blogging is asking me for a renewal of my domain name and service which is quite expensive baed on the sporadic usage I do of my blog and the traffic that I have.

Anyway, that was a good opportunity to perform my blog migration to the OpenShift platform which is now very mature to host such projects and gives you the ability through the WordPress cartridge to have your on private and administrable installation of WordPress running on the cloud.

I was already running a trial version of OpenShift 2.0 online which gave me the ability to run 3 gears and I already used 2 for other private project. So this, trial instance would be perfect to host my blog.

If you are in the same situation here are some steps to follow if you want to migration a blog to Openshift.

  • Create your OpenShift Online (v2) wordpress environment
  • Choose a DNS registrar which supports having CNAME on your domain level (preferable)
  • Export your last wordpress site after having install the WordPress Export plugin
  • Install your new wordpress site on OpenShift
  • Import the result of the export of the old site (images will be imported automatically, so be sure that the old site is still up, running and alive)
  • Edit your domain name in OpenShift to point to your DNS name
  • Edit your DNS zone to add a CNAME pointing to the openshift URL of your blog
  • And you are done !


Last modified: 27th August 2015



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