AS7 provides the JNDI functionnaly through the naming subsystem. If you take a look at the corresponding schema ($AS7_HOME/docs/schema/jboss-as-naming_1_1.xsd, you will see that its configuration has only a few options.

What does this XML schema description says ? It says that the configuraiton of the naming subsystem is composed of “binding” elements. Each of this element can be:

  • A simple type: Basically, these are the common number types (int, long, BigDecimal, etc…) or String.
  • a lookup type: This only a kind of JNDI name alias. Which you can use to have two different names for the same resource
  • An object-factory type: A class which implements javax.naming.spi.ObjectFactory, instantiated once per declared resource and responsible of the instantiation of a custom object.

As you can see, the simple type is quite limited, but I hope that this may evolve depending on needs. So, our last chance to register custom types is to use the object-factory.

Create an URLResourceFactory

To avoid creating one factory class every time you need to bind one URL, the factory will get the value attached to a system property having the same name as the JNDI resource to create URL.Here is what the ResourceURLFactory may look like (some additional checks may help) :

package org.akram.factory;
public class ResourceURLFactory implements ObjectFactory {
  public Object getObjectInstance(Object object, Name name, Context nameCtx,
                                  Hashtable<?,?> environment) throws Exception {
    String urlAsString = System.getProperty(object.toString());
    URL url = new URI(urlAsString).toURL();
    return url;

Add it as a module in JBoss

Then, you need to package this class in a jar and add it as a module in AS7:

mvn install
mkdir -p $AS7_HOME/modules/org/akram/factory/main
cp target/url-resource-factory.jar $AS7_HOME/modules/org/akram/factory/main
vi modules/org/akram/factory/main/module.xml

The content of the module.xml file must be the following lines. The dependency to javax.api is required cause the classes of the jar uses this API, so it has to be loaded otherwise, you gill get ClassNotFoundExceptions.

<module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.1" name="org.akram.factory">
  <resource-root path="resource-url-factory.jar"/>
  <module name="javax.api" />

Bind a new resource using this object-factory

The server can be started now. And, you can try adding the new JNDI binding and a system property with the CLI:

/subsystem=naming/binding=java:/jboss/exported/myurl:add(binding-type=object-factory, module=org.akram,factory,

From now, every lookup to java:/jboss/exported/myurl will return a object pointing to

Last modified: 8th July 2012



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