VPN tunnels through HTTP proxy using SSH

The title of this post is beatufill: 7 words, 3 acronyms equally distributed composed of 3,4 and 3 letters. But that’s not the topic….instead, today, we will learn how to setup a VPN tunnel using SSH when you are behind proxy. You will need: – a first tool: sshuttle – an SSH client able to... » read more

OpenShift 3 cheatsheet

Here are a few useful commands that you may very often use on OpenShift 3. Mark a node as non schedulable: Useful once you’ve created OpenShift router and registry to avoid any other scheduling on these nodes: oadm manage-node node1.example.com --schedulable=false Deploy OpenShift integrated docker registry: oadm registry --config=/etc/openshift/master/admin.kubeconfig \ --credentials=/etc/openshift/master/openshift-registry.kubeconfig \ --images='registry.access.redhat.com/openshift3/ose-${component}:${version}' Deploy an... » read more