Locked out of your Mac : A few tips and tools

I was locked out of my mac for a stupid reason: I installed and downloaded the VPN Server Enabler, and when configuring a user to connect, I chose my own user. The bad thing is that VPN Server Enabler changes the shell to false and the home to some private empty dir. If you set... » read more

Citrix Viewer on Mac OSX Mavericks does not work

Today I installed Citrix Receiver (aka Citrix Viewer) on my laptop and I was surprised to see that once logged in the remote host the keyboard is completely unresponsive. Fortunately, someone on citrix blog faced the same issue. The workaround is to press CMD-TAB keys and revert to citrix receiver. It strangely bypass the issue.... » read more

Have multiple configuration files for HAProxy

This post is an extract from an answer to a question from a mailing list or on stack overflow, I was so hurry to not loose it, that I copied-pasted it here, in case I lost the link. It seems to be Michael Bibl from the Debian team: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.haproxy/17603   To recreate the same structure... » read more