Fix iPhone spotlight search not working

Maybe I finally found how to workaround this and the untold root cause of it. Messages indexing of a large Message application. Messages exists since the first iOS and so users migrating from different iPhone (as me) may have a huge messages (SMS, iMessage) database. This is probably the culprit as Spotlight tries to index... » read more

Run sshd and openshift-router on the same port using HAProxy on CentOS7

TL;DHTTW (Don’t Have Time To Write 🙂 ) Remove firewalls and only use iptables, because there are non trivial interactions that makes stuff complicated: sudo systemctl stop firewalld && sudo systemctl start iptables; sudo systemctl start ip6tables oc cluster up --version=v3.3 --metrics --public-hostname= --use-existing-config Change router default port: oc env dc/router ROUTER_SERVICE_HTTPS_PORT=9443... » read more

VPN tunnels through HTTP proxy using SSH

The title of this post is beatufill: 7 words, 3 acronyms equally distributed composed of 3,4 and 3 letters. But that’s not the topic….instead, today, we will learn how to setup a VPN tunnel using SSH when you are behind proxy. You will need: – a first tool: sshuttle – an SSH client able to... » read more