Enable IPv6 in Pidora

I was disappointed to see that so poor documentation exists on how to enable IPv6 on a RaspberryPi running Pidora (the Fedora version for the RPi). After hanging here and out, I finally simply managed to run it using NetworkManager configuration. Since my RPi is a headless (no display machine), I simply installed XQuartz on... » read more

Citrix Viewer on Mac OSX Mavericks does not work

Today I installed Citrix Receiver (aka Citrix Viewer) on my laptop and I was surprised to see that once logged in the remote host the keyboard is completely unresponsive. Fortunately, someone on citrix blog faced the same issue. The workaround is to press CMD-TAB keys and revert to citrix receiver. It strangely bypass the issue.... » read more

Have multiple configuration files for HAProxy

This post is an extract from an answer to a question from a mailing list or on stack overflow, I was so hurry to not loose it, that I copied-pasted it here, in case I lost the link. It seems to be Michael Bibl from the Debian team: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.haproxy/17603   To recreate the same structure... » read more

Simple Application Server’s Concepts People Forgot

As a consultant, I often face the same issues and questions from customers, and with the emergence of DevOps practices, I often see people arguing on some old and proofed principles, probably only because we, as human, forget and are trying to re-invent the wheel. Java EE and the Application Servers world is no exception,... » read more

Binding an URL in AS7 JNDI tree

AS7 provides the JNDI functionnaly through the naming subsystem. If you take a look at the corresponding schema ($AS7_HOME/docs/schema/jboss-as-naming_1_1.xsd, you will see that its configuration has only a few options. What does this XML schema description says ? It says that the configuraiton of the naming subsystem is composed of “binding” elements. Each of this... » read more

Disabling session replication in JBoss AS5/EAP5

Today is the official annoucement of JBoss EAP6 (based on AS7.1), so I was thinkig that it was a good day to write a blog on AS5/EAP5. Probably, not the most read article, but it will probably help someone… Why would you disable session replication ? Believe it or not, but everything has a cost.... » read more

Playing with puppet: The installation

The subject of this post may be misinterprated….or not. To help search engines to find it more easily, the subject here is to give some tricks while using the puppet tool from www.puppetlabs.org which used to automatically administer large systems by allowing automated installations and configurations drifts detection. These functionnalities are also available on some... » read more

Load testing Seam-Booking with JMeter

There are some interesting  blog posts on how to do load tests of seam applications with JMeter. Since a few days, I had to train a customer in doing load tests. We had a pilot project, that already had a testable application with its own JMeter tests scripts, however, because of lack of time, the application... » read more

Une méthode de 1000 lignes ou 100 méthodes de 10 lignes ?

La réponse à cette question est évidement: 100 méthodes de 10 lignes … Nombre de lignes de code ou LoC Parmi les métriques de bases de la qualité logicielle, s’il y’en a une bien qui est vraiment LA métrique de base, c’est le nombre de ligne de codes. On ne va pas expliquer ici comment... » read more