Run sshd and openshift-router on the same port using HAProxy on CentOS7

TL;DHTTW (Don’t Have Time To Write 🙂 ) Remove firewalls and only use iptables, because there are non trivial interactions that makes stuff complicated: sudo systemctl stop firewalld && sudo systemctl start iptables; sudo systemctl start ip6tables oc cluster up --version=v3.3 --metrics --public-hostname= --use-existing-config Change router default port: oc env dc/router ROUTER_SERVICE_HTTPS_PORT=9443... » read more

Adding/setting insecure-registry to docker machine afterwards

Running docker on non-Linux based environment became very convenient and easy with docker-machine which is the successor of docker-boot. Basically, docker-machine allows you to manage multiple virtual machines running Linux to host your docker installation and then allows you to run your containers. More than a fantastic tool for OSX and Windows, it is also... » read more