Disk space not reclaimed after deleting log files

Hello World, if you get out of disk space and delete log files, and you don’t see your disk space reclaimed, you may have found an issue that I faced with rsyslog not releasing rotatable files. To be sure: lsof | grep deleted In the first column, you may see the process still handling the file... » read more

Run sshd and openshift-router on the same port using HAProxy on CentOS7

TL;DHTTW (Don’t Have Time To Write 🙂 ) Remove firewalls and only use iptables, because there are non trivial interactions that makes stuff complicated: sudo systemctl stop firewalld && sudo systemctl start iptables; sudo systemctl start ip6tables oc cluster up --version=v3.3 --metrics --public-hostname= --use-existing-config Change router default port: oc env dc/router ROUTER_SERVICE_HTTPS_PORT=9443... » read more

Improve your build speed: Run a proxy in OpenShift

Many build processes uses external source code or library repositories only available in the internet. That is the case for NPM (Node Package Manager, used for NodeJS applications compilation) or Maven (when building Java applications). Thus running an HTTP Proxy inside of OpenShift could be helpful in many cases: – in a corporate environment it... » read more

Deploy GitLab on OpenShift

GitLab is a great web git repository application for everyone that wants to run his own Git repository at home or office. Unfortunately, the home made GitLab installation requires some skills that I don’t have to learn. The good thing is that some Docker images exists on Docker Hub, even the one from GitLab team.... » read more

Run OpenShift console on port 443

One thing that I really like on OpenShift, is that it very often eat its own food. To my opinion, it is generally a sign of a good design, but that’s another story. In this blog, I wanted to give a clue on how to make the OpenShift console run on port 443 by using... » read more

VPN tunnels through HTTP proxy using SSH

The title of this post is beatufill: 7 words, 3 acronyms equally distributed composed of 3,4 and 3 letters. But that’s not the topic….instead, today, we will learn how to setup a VPN tunnel using SSH when you are behind proxy. You will need: – a first tool: sshuttle – an SSH client able to... » read more

OpenShift 3 cheatsheet

Here are a few useful commands that you may very often use on OpenShift 3. Mark a node as non schedulable: Useful once you’ve created OpenShift router and registry to avoid any other scheduling on these nodes: oadm manage-node --schedulable=false Deploy OpenShift integrated docker registry: oadm registry --config=/etc/openshift/master/admin.kubeconfig \ --credentials=/etc/openshift/master/openshift-registry.kubeconfig \ --images='${component}:${version}' Deploy an... » read more

Adding/setting insecure-registry to docker machine afterwards

Running docker on non-Linux based environment became very convenient and easy with docker-machine which is the successor of docker-boot. Basically, docker-machine allows you to manage multiple virtual machines running Linux to host your docker installation and then allows you to run your containers. More than a fantastic tool for OSX and Windows, it is also... » read more

OpenShift cheat sheet for beginners

Here is a simple cheatsheet for OpenShift beginners that will help you to visualise some basic settings about your projects, applications, pods in order to debug or get informations about how they behave. Listing all your projects oc get projects This will give you the list of all the project that you can work on... » read more