A few gotchas with OpenShift docker-registry

Here are few gotchas when working with the OpenShift docker registry. These are quite useful if you run OpenShift as a demo or testing environment:

  1. Using the AllowAllIdentityProvider will prevent you from login to the registry. For a not know reason yet, if you are using this provider (which comes by default with oc cluster up), then any login attempt to the docker registry will fail, even with a valid token.
  2. Pulling from the registry will result in a 404 error if the public URL is not added to the –insecure-registry of the local host.


Install openshift web console on origin 3.9

At the time of writing it looks like that openshift web console cannot install correctly on OpenShift Origin.

Here is how to fix it:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openshift/origin/master/install/origin-web-console/console-config.yaml
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openshift/origin/master/install/origin-web-console/console-template.yaml

Edit the console-config.yaml file to match your requirements

< pre >
oc create namespace openshift-web-console
sed -i s# console-config.yaml
oc process -f console-template.yaml -p “API_SERVER_CONFIG=$(cat console-config.yaml)” | oc apply -n openshift-web-console -f –
oc patch oauthclient openshift-web-console -p ‘{ “redirectURIs” : [ “https://console.apps.example.com:8443/” ] }