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Fix iPhone spotlight search not working

Maybe I finally found how to workaround this and the untold root cause of it. Messages indexing of a large Message application. Messages exists since the first iOS and so users migrating from different iPhone (as me) may have a huge messages (SMS, iMessage) database. This is probably the culprit as Spotlight tries to index... » read more

Tasmota on Sonoff Mini with OSX or Linux

  Sonoff smart relays are a very affordable devices that allows you to control AC powered furnitures using your wifi network. You can connect these relays to an OpenSource smart home software like jeedom or homeassistant. However, by default, Sonoff devices are preinstalled with a proprietary software from ITEAD and can only be controlled using... » read more

oc new-build –strategy=docker and custom Dockerfile

The oc new-build command does not accept the a custom dockerfilePath, here is how to workaround it.   oc new-build --code= --context-dir=2 --strategy=docker oc patch bc jenkins -p '{ "spec" : { "strategy" : { "dockerStrategy" : { "dockerfilePath" : " Dockerfile.localdev" }}, "source" : { "git" : { "ref" : "set-logging-format" }}}}'    ... » read more

Secure all your OpenShift routes with Letsencrypt certificates

Thanks to Tomáš Nožička   ,my great colleague at Red Hat, it is extremely easy to secure all your OpenShift routes with Letsencrypt certificates. Tomáš developed openshift-acme as an ACME Controller for OpenShift and Kubernetes clusters. It automatically provision certficates using ACME protocol and manage their lifecycle (like automatic renewals). To install it, simply run... » read more

A few gotchas with OpenShift docker-registry

Here are few gotchas when working with the OpenShift docker registry. These are quite useful if you run OpenShift as a demo or testing environment: Using the AllowAllIdentityProvider will prevent you from login to the registry. For a not know reason yet, if you are using this provider (which comes by default with oc cluster... » read more

Service your oc cluster upon restarts

A nice thing to do mkdir -p /var/lib/origin/openshift.local.etcd oc cluster up --use-existing-config=true --host-data-dir=/var/lib/origin/openshift.local.etcd

Install openshift web console on origin 3.9

At the time of writing it looks like that openshift web console cannot install correctly on OpenShift Origin. Here is how to fix it: wget wget Edit the console-config.yaml file to match your requirements < pre > oc create namespace openshift-web-console sed -i s# console-config.yaml oc process -f console-template.yaml -p “API_SERVER_CONFIG=$(cat console-config.yaml)” |... » read more

Spark on OpenShift with Hadoop

OpenShift’s scalability feature makes it a very interesting platform to run big data analysis. Some very nice guys at Radanalytics made a great job in compiling some resources to make it simply. Here is how it can be done. Install your hadoop cluster In this article, we won’t cover how to install and run a... » read more

Log prometheus alerts in a file when monitoring OpenShift

I am starting to be a big fan of Prometheus and mainly when it is used to monitor OpenShift. Here is a quick hack for those of you who wants to log alerts in a file when they are processed by alertmanager.  Just a small reminder of how Prometheus and Alertmanager works together: Prometheus is... » read more